My Favorite Woman-Owned Businesses

Little Loper’s Bloom Headwrap pictured

I want to change pace a little bit today because I have started doing product reviews on TikTok and it’s been so much fun.  (Find me and follow @ajulieinajar) I love to buy things and I love to research the things that I’m buying so I put a lot of thought into most of the toys and tools I’ve purchased for my daughter over the last couple of years and I want to share those with you!

Today I want to share my four favorite Mom-owned businesses.


This little app and community have completely changed the way I view fitness.  I have gone from thinking of it in terms of body size to a means of functioning in my life.  Literally revolutionary.  MommaStrong also comes in PapaStrong for those who don’t identify with MoSt and also an additional FUEL for those who want some guidance on fueling your body with food.  One of my favorite things is that Courtney and her team have hired true professionals in the field so you will get content and responses from registered dieticians and pelvic floor physical therapists.  

The workouts are designed to be done daily, in manageable chunks of 5 or 15 minutes.   There is a program for pregnant mommas, newly postpartum mommas, as well as mommas or others at all stages.  The moves come with fun names like ‘grumpy crabs’ and ‘dipppy birds’, can be done just about anywhere, and truly focus on functional movements that you will use in your every day.

To use the app, you pay $12 a month and can cancel anytime.

I started using this service after I finished pelvic floor PT after my first baby.  I had some lingering pelvic instability and pain and the All Cheeks hack is still one of the best pain management strategies for me in that department.  There are new workouts posted daily to add variety but you can always go back to your favorites as well.  

There are even workouts designed to do while wearing your new baby.  Seriously, there’s something for everyone.MommaStrong is a great gift to give yourself or to another momma.  I cannot say enough good things.

Sign up here

Little Loper’s

This particular entry is going to give me away as a Southern momma.  I swore I was not going to be a bow mom when I was pregnant, but here I am anyway.  

I started buying bows for my daughter when she was around 4 months old and it was a bit of an addiction for a while.   I have way more than I want to admit.  

These are hand-tied bows and they sit so pretty.  They come in solids, prints, sparkles, metallics, pleather, holidays, other themes, and so much more.  

Valeria keeps adding new styles so there is definitely something for everyone.  Not only do I love the products, but I am seriously always so impressed with the owner’s marketing prowess.  She has made all the right moves and has grown this business in a short time.

Little Loper’s also makes clothing and swaddles and things like scrunchies.  The dresses and leggings are some of my favorite things I’ve bought for my little and she basically lives in her LL nightgowns.

Shipping is super reasonable, they run great sales, and there’s a very active Buy Sell Trade community.

Dress your baby or her doll at


As someone who works in the birth and pregnancy field, this is a geekier add, but it’s an amazing resource for those working with pregnant folks or if you are expecting yourself and want some good, solid information on all things birthing.  

Adriana Lozada, created Birthful podcast and is very regular with posting interesting interviews with experienced moms and a variety of birth professionals.  She also posts shorter form, informative episodes which are great in bite size pieces.  

I have learned so much about current research just from listening and of course I love hearing all about the various birth stories.  

Her website, has some additional resources and even a course.  

Sensible Mama

I found this business through a TikTok creator under the name of @sensibleamber.  

I followed her for her interesting videos on self-improvement and women’s empowerment and through that learned that she owns a retail business, The Sensible Mama.  

Amber’s shop carries all kinds of things geared for mommas, from toys to first aid kits.  

My favorite though, is the handbag line that she designed herself, LYMIA.

She explains that this stands for Love You, Mean It, Always.

I recently purchased my first bag from her, the nylon Sophie Backpack and am absolutely in love.

It is so thoughtfully designed.

Magnetic closures.

Pockets everywhere.

Multiple ways of carrying.

It’s so amazing that I made a TikTok post about it, if you really want to see it, you can find me at @ajulieinajar.  

I am always looking to support great businesses, I love helping women succeed, and I just like to shop, so send me your favorite momma owned or oriented businesses!

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