New Beginnings in Motherhood

Motherhood came upon me unexpectedly.

I was drowning in grief and my pregnancy was completely unplanned.  

I was mourning the end of my father’s life.  

I was mourning the relationship that we could no longer have.

I was terrified of what I would lose in motherhood.

I thought that my mental health, my freedom, and my career were all at risk.

What I didn’t know was that birthing my child would birth a new chapter for me personally as well.

Instead of loss, I found new beginnings.

I started feeding myself more intentionally.

I started drinking enough water.

I started saying “no” when “yes” didn’t feel right.

I started putting more emphasis on what was right for me and less on what others expected from me.

I started moving my body for the sake of how it made me feel.

I started healing parts of me that had long been neglected.

I started dreaming about my future again.

I started going outside every day.

I started to focus on what I really wanted out of life and let the rest fall to the side.

My mental health flourished.

I changed careers.

Becoming pregnant and having a child was the start of so many wonderful changes in my life.   

Instead of losing myself to motherhood, I found incentive to find myself again.

Stepping into parenthood is a unique journey for each of us, but no one ever told me that it could bring so many positive things.

What new beginnings do you hope for?

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