I started this business because this kind of work is something I wish I had available to me when I was pregnant with my first child.  I became pregnant unexpectedly.  Within the two months prior, we had purchased our first house, I had started a new job, and I lost my father to cancer.  I was grieving, settling into new routines, and trying to hold onto my mental health.  Pregnancy was terrifying for me in light of that.  I was afraid that having a child meant a loss of freedom, connection with my husband, any me-time that I was accustomed to, and my mental health.  I heard lots of worst-case scenarios, plenty of “just you wait”s, horrible birth stories, and general misery.  I felt completely unseen, like my concerns were minimized, and that I was judged for feeling the way that I did.  I don’t want anyone to ever feel as alone and afraid as I did during the first half of my pregnancy.  

In my practice, I teach my clients how to recognize and respect their own boundaries, the importance of practical self-care, and why tending to their needs first is essential to good parenting.   My services also cover birth plan support, registry building, and post-partum planning.  

I would describe myself as a nurturer.  My first impulse is to listen and my second impulse is usually to offer comfort or connection.  A lot of times, it can be easy to fall into the trap of wanting to immediately fix all of our clients’ problems, but I have found that offering my solution is not always what they actually need.  Sometimes new moms just need help validating the solutions they already want to use.  And sometimes they know what they need even if they don’t realize it yet.  My role is to give them the support and the coaching to help them figure out what works best for them, their new babies, and their lifestyle.